Modern advances in technology help all industries, including the home inspection business. Home inspectors use aerial drones for roof inspections to get images of the roofing condition and materials.

Drones for Roof Inspections Increase Safety

Using aerial drones for roof inspections makes the home inspection process safer, especially on steep roofs or those in poor condition. Without a drone, the inspector uses a ladder to access the roof. Climbing a ladder and walking a roof puts the inspector at risk for falls. Using a drone equipped with a high definition camera, no detail is missed and the inspector stays safely on the ground.

Protect Roofing Materials

Roofing materials used on some homes may be damaged by an inspector walking the roof. Materials like slate can break under pressure. Already damaged or deteriorating roofing materials may sustain further damage with any added weight. Using a drone to inspect the roof prevents damage to roofing materials.

Drones Make the Job Easier and Faster

A thorough inspection can take a few hours. However, using drones for roof inspections makes the roofing portion of the inspection go easier and faster. The inspector saves time by using aerial images to examine the roof. It won’t be necessary to set up ladders or walk the roof to complete the inspection.

Talk to your inspector about using aerial drones for roof inspections. Ask about additional ways drone technology might be useful in understanding your property.

Prominent Home Inspections will always walk the roof when conditions are safe. In the case of a roof that is too steep or damaged, or if weather conditions are unsafe, we will inspect your roof using aerial drone photography. Contact us to book an appointment for a home inspection in northern New Jersey.