Knowing that you are protecting your home and family contributes to your peace of mind. One of the most common ways to increase security is to invest in an expensive alarm and monitoring system. A full-home security system is a substantial investment, so you may prefer to find other, inexpensive ways to improve home security.

Finding Effective Ways to Improve Home Security on a Dime

Your home is only one of many properties in the area that could be targeted. An intruder will pick a home with the lowest risk of getting caught that will return the maximum reward. As you think about ways to improve home security, it helps to put yourself in the shoes of an intruder.

1. Conceal Valuable Items

Criminals do not want to risk jail time by breaking into a home that has nothing of value. They typically want to know with certainty that there is potential for reward inside the home.

Keep your blinds closed when you are not at home and at night when visibility into your home is easier. Be aware of the possessions that others may see when they peek inside your home, and avoid placing empty boxes for expensive items on the curb for recycling.

2. Give the Impression That Someone is Home

Many criminals look for empty homes so they can get in and out with no one noticing. When you are away from the house, give the impression that someone is home by leaving a few lights on, running the TV, or playing a radio. Smart home technology lets you easily turn lights and electronics on and off remotely, and some smart home features are very affordable.

3. Trim the Bushes

When planning ways to improve home security, consider that shadows and foliage around the exterior provide cover for criminals. Thick, tall bushes around the windows are particularly appealing. If your shrubbery is dense and tall enough to conceal a crouching person near windows, trim or replace the bushes with shorter, less dense vegetation. Bushes should not conceal the view of the front door from the street.

4. Invest in Illumination to Improve Home Security

Because a dark exterior is inviting to criminals, light up the outside of your home to eliminate shadows. Solar-powered walkway lights are an affordable and hassle-free option. Another way to improve home security is to install motion-activated floodlights. These can startle a potential intruder and cause him or her to flee. With automatic options, there is no need to worry about turning lights on and off daily.

There are affordable ideas that promote property security. Take a closer look at your home from the street during the day and night hours. Put yourself in the shoes of a criminal and determine what aspects of your home might make it an ideal target. Use these tips to address those factors and improve home security.

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